The Lost Papers of General Hood



One of the more remarkable aspects of our Civil War is the amount of new information about it that is still being uncovered, and I am not referring to minor pieces of new information like the diary maintained by a Civil War mule skinner before he was trampled to death on October 29, 1863 in the charge of the mule brigade!  New documents keep trickling out about major figures of the War.  Such is the case with General John Bell Hood in Stephen M. Hood’s groundbreaking The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood.  A collateral descendant of the General, this is a companion volume  to his  The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of a Confederate General, in which he dispelled many historical myths about Hood, and which I reviewed here.

This book collects 200 plus documents, thought lost to history, but lovingly maintained generation after generation by the General’s descendants. (more…)

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