Daisy Ad Redux

The original Daisy ad above was broadcast on NBC on September 7, 1964.  Daisy ad 2.0, below, was released this week by the Clinton campaign featuring the little girl from the old ad, now all grown up and doubtless just as much an expert on thermonuclear war as she was in the 1964 ad.  The Daisy ad in 1964 was widely regarded as over the top and only ran once.  The Johnson campaign, and most of the media, successfully portrayed Goldwater as reckless and a crypto Nazi, and Goldwater went down on November 3, 1964 to one of the largest electoral defeats by a major party presidential candidate in American history.  Ironically, it was Johnson who was planning to ramp up the Vietnam War.  This led wags to opine later that they were warned in 1964 that if they voted for Goldwater that the US would go to war, and sure enough they voted for Goldwater and the US went to war in Vietnam!

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Why Many People Hate Politics

A fine example of what a modern political attack ad would look like if deployed against Abraham Lincoln.  Considering what was said about Lincoln in the 1860 and 1864 election in partisan newspapers, I think the above would have been a fairly mild sample of the vitriol that would have graced steam operated televisions!

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