Once a Marine, Always a Marine

The things you find on Youtube!  The late Lee Marvin was a Marine combat veteran of the Pacific.  He obviously retained a great deal of pride in the Corps.   Marvin dropped out of high school in 1942 to join the Marines at age 18. It was not uncommon for actors of Marvin’s generation to have served in World War II, although few were wounded, as he was on Saipan.  That was the third amphibious assault in which he participated.  His father, a successful advertising executive, fought in both world wars, and Lee Marvin’s brother served in the Navy during World War II.  Marvin often made jokes about his time in the Corps, but it meant a lot to him as his final resting place demonstrates:


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Video Clips Worth Watching: Wayne v. Marvin



The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), perhaps the greatest of Westerns, contains this gem of a scene with John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Jimmy Stewart, Strother Marvin, Lee Van Cleef and Woody Strode.  Marvin as Liberty Valance is the archetypal mercenary gunslinger, his days, and the days of his kind, about to come to an end.  Wayne as Tom Doniphon, rancher, is the obverse of Marvin, a man just as tough as Valance, if not tougher, but no bully.  However, his time is also closing.  Their destroyer?   The almost clown like figure of Ransom Stoddard, portrayed by Jimmy Stewart.  He knows nothing about guns, but he knows a lot about law, and law and civilization are fast coming to the range.  This is John Ford’s eulogy to the Old West, and to this type of Western. (more…)

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