Quotes Suitable for Framing : Flannery O’Connor


When I was six I had a chicken that walked backward and was in the Pathe News. I was in it too with the chicken. I was just there to assist the chicken but it was the high point in my life. Everything since has been anticlimax.

Flannery O’Connor

(I originally posted this at The American Catholic, and I thought the Flannery O’Connor mavens of Almost Chosen People might enjoy it.)



Cancel Culture has come for Flannery O’Connor via the idiot Jesuits.  Go here to read about it.  In the world beyond I am sure she is vastly amused.  The harm done by Cancel Culture is of course not to giants like O’Connor, especially when they are safely dead, but to the intellectual and moral impoverishment it spreads like a bad rash.  Stupidity is its own punishment.  Life as a Flannery O’Connor tale.


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Quotes Suitable For Framing: Flannery O’Connor


“If other ages felt less, they saw more, even though they saw with the blind, prophetical, unsentimental eye of acceptance, which is to say, of faith. In the absence of this faith now, we govern by tenderness. It is a tenderness which, long cut off from the person of Christ, is wrapped in theory. When tenderness is detached from the source of tenderness, its logical outcome is terror. It ends in forced-labor camps and in the fumes of the gas chamber.”
― Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose     

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