Who Won?

A humorous video at how differently the Canadians and Americans view the War of 1812.  The War of 1812 has always been a much bigger deal up in Canada than it is in the US.  In Canada it is viewed as a victorious war in which Canadians, with a wee bit of help from the Limies, fended off American invasions and helped solidify Canada into a de facto nation, although dominion status would not occur until 1867.

In the US mention of the War of 1812 causes head scratching puzzlement with a very few Americans recalling the battle of New Orleans and perhaps the Burning of Washington and the Star-Spangled Banner. (more…)

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Canadians in the American Civil War

A little known fact about our Civil War is how many of our neighbors to the North participated in it.  Some 33,000-55,000 Canadians came south to fight for the Union, and a few hundred Canadians went further south to fight for the Confederacy. Some 29 Canadian soldiers fighting for the Union earned the newly created Medal of Honor.  The Civil War had a major impact on Canadian history.  The confederation of Canada was created in 1867, and the fathers of the confederation, believing that too strong states had helped lead to the American Civil War, ensured the establishment of a strong federal government in Canada. (more…)

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