Riot Control


Easy to tell that America was entering a rough patch in 1967 just from the above Army training film on riot control.

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Private Snafu and His Gas Mask


A 1944 training film featuring the Army’s favorite foul up, Private Snafu.  The film is centered on teaching GI’s to keep their gas masks with them at all times.  Troops in the field tended to ditch gas masks as being useless weight in a war where none of the combatants were using gas.  My guess is that the troops found the film amusing and that it had zero impact on their unwillingness to lug around a gas mask.

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Resisting Enemy Interrogation


From 1944 an Army Air Corps training film regarding resisting enemy interrogation.

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Interrogation of Enemy Air Men

An Army Air Corps film from 1943 regarding the interrogation of enemy air men.  Attorneys in the service were often used as interrogation officers, as they were used to asking questions and ferreting out the truth from reluctant individuals.

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Your Job In Germany

An interesting film to be shown to Army troops serving in occupied Germany in 1945.  The film was made by Frank Capra’s film unit in the Army Signal Corps and written by Theodor Geisel, in his pre-Dr. Seuss days.  It is a reminder of just how daunting a task it was to manage the occupation without creating animosities that would lead to a future war, or without having such a light occupation that the Germans would be tempted to roll the iron dice of war a third time.  A reminder to the troops that though the war was over and won, winning the peace was still very much up in the air.

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