Missouri Waltz

Something for the weekend.  Missouri Waltz.  Published in 1914, the melody was by John Valentine Eppel, arrangement by Frederic Knight Logan, with James Royce Shannon supplying the lyrics.  Initially the song sold poorly, but its popularity increased over the years.  After Harry Truman became President it became associated with him, and was played constantly when he appeared during his long uphill campaign throughout the nation in 1948.  In 1949 Missouri adopted it as its state song.

Ironically, Truman cordially loathed the song and thought it was poor music.  The song followed him into retirement and would haunt him for the rest of his life.  The ultimate was in 1962 when Truman was guest of honor at a function in a hotel.  Truman got up to use the men’s room, and was annoyed when the orchestra leader in the main ballroom spotted him and had the orchestra play the Missouri Waltz.  A chagrined Truman said,“It’s getting so you can’t go to the men’s room anymore without them playing the song!”

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