August 26, 1863: The Other Battle of Perryville

James G. Blunt



In addition to the famous battle of Perryville fought in Kentucky on October 8, 1862 there was another battle of Perryville fought on August 26, 1862 in the Indian Territory, the forgotten theater of the Civil War.

Following up on his victory at Honey Springs on July 17, 1863,  go here to read about it, Union Major General James G. Blunt was intent on cementing Union dominance of the Indian Territory.  Located 24 miles southwest of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Perryville, now known as Cameron, Oklahoma, was the major supply depot for Confederate forces in the Indian Territory.

Leading 4500 men, Blunt launched a night attack on Perryville on August 26, 1863.  After some skirmishing, Brigadier General Douglas Cooper, deciding that his mixed force of Indians and Texans, the Indians demoralized since the Union victory of Honey Springs, was in no condition to withstand an attack by Blunt, and the Confederates withdrew.  Blunt seized what supplies he could and burned the rest.  The loss of these critical supplies ensured that the War in the Indian Territory was basically over with a Union victory, and the Confederate presence in the Indian Territory for the remainder of the War would consist almost entirely of guerilla and cavalry raids.

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