The Millionaire


I  loved this show when I was a very small child.  The premise was that a billionaire would choose people he did not know to receive from him anonymously a check for a million dollars tax free.  (How that could have been arranged, the tax free element, was one of the more fanciful concepts of the show.)  The show ran from 1955-1960 and the episodes included comedies and dramas.  The implicit message was that having a lot of money is nice, but it really has little to do with the happiness of the individuals who receive the funds, and that solving the deep problems that beset us usually has little to do with the size of our bank account.  A million dollars in 1955 would be equivalent to eleven million today.

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  1. The series was based on Depression-era short stories that ran in the Saturday Evening Post. They inspired a 1932 anthology film, ‘If I Had a Million’ with an all-star cast and first-rate directors. Two of the six vignettes are poor, but the Fields-Skipworth, Laughton and Darwell ones are simply brilliant. Especially Laughton.

    • Thanks Peter. I was unaware of that.

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