Guns of Navarone Theme


Something for the weekend.  Guns of Navarone Theme (1961).  I recently rewatched the film.  A fine action film although filled with absurdities.  One of the first major war flicks where a specially chosen team has to accomplish an impossible mission.  The team is ridiculous.  We have a British and Greek pair where the Greek office, Anthony Quinn, has pledged to kill the British officer, Peck, after the War.  The demolitions expert, played by David Niven, who had an immense amount of actual combat experience with a special Signals unit in the British Army during the War and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, is a corporal who refuses to be commissioned and has zero interest in either the War or the mission. James Darren as a Greek-American killer with a gangster background who is, conveniently, the son of the local Greek resistance leader, etc.  The mission makes little sense as the Nazis, at immense cost I assume, have installed radar controlled guns on the island of Navarone which prevent the evacuation of some 2000 British troops, a fairly minor tragedy in a world at war in a sideshow theater of a sideshow theater.  There is some rubbish in the film that if the Nazis can do this Turkey might join the Axis.  Not a chance by 1943 when the film is set.  However, these are quibbles.  The film is well acted and delivers enough thrills and chills, even today, to make watching the film an enjoyable experience.







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