March 18, 1937: New London, Texas School Explosion

“I did nothing in my studies nor in my life to prepare me for a story of the magnitude of that New London tragedy, nor has any story since that awful day equaled it.”

Walter Cronkite



On March 18, 1937 the London public school in New London Texas serviced about 500 students who were taught by 40 teachers.  A natural gas leak caused an explosion at the school that killed 295 people, most of them kids, and wounded another 300.  To increase the horror, most of the bodies were burned beyond recognition with the bodies often blown to fragments.


On that awful day, the town was flooded with aid from surrounding communities, the entire nation in shock as news spread of the incredible carnage.  The Texas Legislature passed an act within weeks mandating that thiols be added to natural gas so that gas leaks would be detectable by smell.


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