Ride to Dubno

(The Cossacks played an important role in both Ukranian and Russian history.  There are hundreds of Cossack associations in Ukraine and, I hope, they are continuing their ancestral fight for the freedom of the Steppe.)


Something for the weekend.  Whenever I need cheering up, or simply an energy boost, Franz Waxman’s Ride to Dubno always does the trick.  It was written for the movie Taras Bulba (1962) and the video clip below is the amazing sequence where the song is played as the Cossack army gathers on its way to Dubno.

Here we have a good symphonic version:


A human symphony is a masterpiece of  organization with the individual musicians melded together into a whole  greater than the sum of its parts.  It is familiar so the wonder of it sometimes escapes us.

A fantastic dueling pianos version of the composition:

The City of Prague Philharmonic gives a fine rendition:

Likewise the John Wilson Orchestra:

Stern letter to follow:



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