Be My Baby


Something for the weekend, the Ronettes singing Be My Baby (1963).  Lead singer Veronica Bennett, better known as Ronnie Spector, passed away this weekend at age 78.  She led a turbulent life, largely due to her marriage to the murderous Phil Spector, up until her second marriage in 1982.  I pray that her life in the next world will be peaceful and blessed.

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  2. Since her death, it is taboo to play Motown records on the radio or to lower the flag to half-mast … oh wait. She’s a forgotten individual, relocated to the borderlands of polite society. The final death of Ronnie was a sad coda on a long life that had led to the enjoyment of millions of people in North America, widespread record purchases and reports that Ronnie was lonelier than she appeared.

    — Catxman

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