November 1889: Four New States



A strong sign that the old West was coming to an end, was the admission of four new states in November 1889.  First up were North and South Dakota on November 2, 1889.  The decision to divide up the Dakota territories was due to Republicans who won control of the Congress in the election of 1888.  Republicans dominated the territory, and dividing the territory in two guaranteed four new Republican senators.  Montana was admitted on November 8, 1889 as part of a compromise with the Democrats in Congress as it was expected that the Democrats would dominate the state politically.  They did eventually, but, ironically, the first two Senators elected were Republicans.  Washington was admitted on November 11, 1889. It was expected that Republicans would dominate and so they did.  New Mexico, which the Democrats were expected to dominate, would have to wait until 1912, the Democrats lacking the strength in Congress to bring it into the Union, as the original compromise called for.

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