Yankee Doodle and The World Turned Upside Down


Something for the weekend.  Yankee Doodle, seems appropriate on the day before the Fourth.  Originally sung by British officers to disparage American troops who fought beside them in the French and Indian War, it was seized upon by Patriots, given endless lyrics, and cheered the patriot troops and civilians during the eight long years of the Revolution.  After Lexington and Concord it was reported by Massachusetts newspapers that the British were suddenly not as fond of the song:

“Upon their return to Boston [pursued by the Minutemen], one [Briton] asked his brother officer how he liked the tune now, — ‘Dang them,’ returned he, ‘they made us dance it till we were tired’ — since which Yankee Doodle sounds less sweet to their ears.”

t Yorktown when the British troops marched out in surrender, they looked at the French troops, doing their best to pretend that the American troops did not exist.  The Marquis de Lafayette, commanding the Continental Light Infantry Division, was outraged and ordered his bands to strike up Yankee Doodle.  Startled by the outburst of music the British turned and faced the Americans who had outlasted and defeated them in a very long war.  It was appropriate that the British bands were playing a popular ditty, The World Turned Upside Down.

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    • Happy Fourth PP! One of my buddies, Art Leach, is one of the last surviving carrier pilots from World War II in the Pacific.

      • I have a post to honor the 54th TCW. They helped to train the 11th A/B, drop them and carry them safely into Japan as the first conquerors in 2000 years!

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