Paint it Black

Something for the weekend.  Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

The television show Tour of Duty (1987-1990) that followed a platoon  of  American soldiers in Vietnam first mated Paint it Black and the Vietnam War.  CBS failed to purchase the rights to the Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black for reruns or DVDs, so replacement music is used instead, which is a great shame.  I have seen few videos more evocative of time and place than the intro to Tour of Duty with Paint It Black.  The second and third seasons of Tour of Duty added soap opera and adventure elements which detracted from the realism of the show, but the first season is highly recommended by me for anyone wishing to see a realistic depiction of what life was like for the men who fought one of America’s more unpopular wars and who usually served their country far, far better than their country served them.

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    • We agree Fabio that the US could only have won the War with an invasion of the North Vietnam. Bringing China into the War, ironically, might have done more harm than good to the North Vietnamese long term due to traditional Chinese and Vietnamese antipathy.

      Ironically now some forty years after the fall of South Vietnam, we have a Vietnam that is thriving after embracing capitalism, and the US and Vietnam virtual allies against the expansion of China.

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