Combat: Which Member of the Squad Are You?


Some kind soul has posted all the episodes of Combat on YouTube and I have begun re-watching them with my bride.  It was a good show back in the Sixties, now it seems like Shakespeare compared to the current drek on television.  It received raves at the time from World War II vets who loved its gritty look at an infantry squad battling their way across France in 1944, ordinary men doing a tough, dirty and oh so necessary job.  It was so realistic that apparently the Marines at the battle of Hue in 1968, not being trained in urban combat, fell back, with great success, on tactics used in Combat episodes for street fighting.

Go here to take a quiz on which member of the squad you would be.  I was Sergeant Saunders, which surprised me as I have never sold shoes in my life!

My Bride came out as Lieutenant Hanley so I guess I will ma’am her a lot today!





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