Revolutionary War for the 21rst Century

(I originally posted this at The American Catholic and I thought the film mavens of Almost Chosen People might enjoy it.)


Interesting fan remix of the movie The Patriot (2000) focusing on Lord Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson).  The film got endless historical facts wrong, but it captured well the mixture of guerilla war and conventional war, the hallmark of the war in the South, the forgotten theater of the American Revolution, which decided the outcome of the Revolution.  There is much to learn by our contemporary military from close study of these campaigns:  Guerilla warfare, atrocities, dealing with hostile and/or divided populations, great power interventions, indigenous peoples (Indians), the breakdown of law and order, the key role of political organization, militia free lancers, the use of propaganda;   it is all there and more for those with the wit to see it.  The war in the South from 1778-1782 is extremely, one might say painfully, relevant in this year of grace 2021.



Cornwallis laments the 18th century equivalent of “the deplorables” as his world is turned upside down:



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