Republicans Win



A century ago, on November 2, 1920, the Republicans under Warren G. Harding won a crushing victory against the Democrats under James Cox.  The Republicans scored 60 percent of the vote and 404 electoral votes.  The election is notable for several firsts.  It was the first election after women nation wide gained the vote.  It was the first election following Reconstruction where a former Confederate state, Tennessee, went Republican.  Franklin D. Roosevelt made his first appearance on a national ticket as the Veep nominee with Cox, illustrating that early defeats in politics are often not illustrative of future results.

Eugene Debs, imprisoned under the draconian sedition laws of World War I, gained over 900,000 votes for President from his prison cell in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was his fourth and last time carrying the standard of the Socialist Party in a Presidential contest.  Harding, who was basically a very kindly man, commuted his sentence before Christmas in 1921.  Debs, on his way home to Terre Haute stopped by the White House to meet Harding.  Harding greeted him warmly:  “Well, I’ve heard so damned much about you, Mr. Debs, that I am now glad to meet you personally.”

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