Rush Limbaugh and Mom

(I posted this at The American Catholic and I thought the readers of Almost Chosen People might find it of interest.)


All men die is one of the hard facts of our human condition.  That we die is completely out of our control.  Whether we die with grace is usually under our control.  My mother died of cancer.  She battled the second recurrence of cancer that stole her life for a year and a quarter.  Cancer took her life by inches.  I never heard her breathe one word of complaint, fear or self-pity.  Instead she prayed, joked and endured.  All her life Mom was teaching me, usually when I didn’t realize it.  At the end of her life she gave me a master’s course in courage, love and how to end our trek through this vale of tears well.  It was hard watching her die, but it was also a privilege.  Mom had lived a good and faith filled life, loved by her family and friends and I saw the fruit of it in her utter fearlessness as she confronted death.

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh, as the law mines allowed, since 1988.  I appreciated his politics, wit and flamboyance.  I also liked the amount of money he raised for charity, something that most people are unaware of.  Now, like the great showman he is, Rush is making an exit that will leave his audience crying for an encore that will not come.  I pray for his recovery, and, if that is not consistent with God’s will, that he receive the salvation that Christ shed His blood on the Cross to bring to our Fallen race.

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