The Foreign Diplomacy of the Civil War


An Old Unreconstructed

I rode with old Jeb Stuart, and his band of Southern horse,

And there never were no Yankees, who could meet us force to force.

No they never did defeat us, but we never could evade,

Their dirty foreign politics, and cowardly blockade.

Waylon Jennings

A good video on the diplomatic aspect of the Civil War.  Considering how often conflicts had sparked between Great Britain and the United States over the years, and that Secretary of State Seward had the hare brained notion at the beginning of the conflict that war with Britain would re-unify the nation, it is remarkable that the Lincoln administration was able to avoid European intervention in the conflict.  Of course the Union was helped that such intervention would have been an arduous undertaking, and that any possible payoff for such intervention simply would not have been worth the blood and treasure it would have cost.  Although the Confederacy elicited a fair amount of sympathy abroad, no European nation wanted to get into a war with the United States in a trans-oceanic conflict of little practical value to any European state.  It also helped that France was no longer competing with Great Britain for global dominance, unlike during the American Revolution, and that the Pax Britannica was well-established.  A more turbulent Europe at that time might have produced a different result.

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