Anyone seen this?  One of the film victims of the Black Sniffles, it is available on Apple TV.  Based upon the late CS Forester’s (he of Horatio Hornblower fame) 1955 novel The Good Shepherd, it tells the story of a US Destroyer, the USS Keeling, and its fight to escort a convoy across the Atlantic in 1942.  The battle for the Atlantic was perhaps the decisive struggle in World War II, and yet is sadly neglected in most general histories of the War.  If American troops, munitions and supplies could get across the Atlantic the Third Reich would be eventually defeated.  If not, Hitler stood a good chance of winning his War, or fighting to a draw with Stalin.  The struggle was a fantastic three dimensional battle, involving cutting edge technologies, seemingly ripped from the science fiction pulp magazines of the time.  Thirty-six thousand Allied sailors and thirty-six thousand Allied merchantmen went to watery graves to keep the Atlantic sea lanes open, and they deserve a greater appreciation of their role in the victory won in Europe.

A full review after I get around to seeing the film.

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