On Wisconsin!


Something for the weekend.  On Wisconsin! (1909).  One of the more energetic of state songs, the tune was written in 1909 William T. Purdy for a contest at the University (shhhh!) of Minnesota for a new fight song.  Carl Beck convinced him to withdraw it from the contest and allow him to write lyrics to be used by his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin at Madison for its Wisconsin Badgers football team.  In 1913 the song became the unofficial state song of Wisconsin with new lyrics written by Judge Charles D. Rosa and J. S. Hubbard, the song becoming the official state song in 1959.  No less an authority than The March King, John Philip Sousa, regarded it as the finest college march song.  The phrase On Wisconsin! became immortal in Wisconsin state history when it was shouted by Lieutenant Arthur MacArthur as he led the 24th Wisconsin regiment up Missionary Ridge at the Battle of Chattanooga.

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