Frank Orren Lowden


A major candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 1920, Frank Orren Lowden is a demonstration of how fleeting political fame tends to be for most politicians.  Governor of Illinois from 1917-1921, he gained nationwide attention by his deployment of 6000 National Guard troops in Chicago in July  of 1919 to protect blacks and restoring order, ending the Chicago race riot of 1919 which claimed 35 lives.  He had also proven to be an effective war governor, marshaling the state in support of the war effort.  Good national press caused him to think he had a good chance of being nominated by his party for president in 1920.  He, or rather his wife Florence, had the money to back his ambitions.  She had inherited a million dollars when her father, George Pullman, passed away in 1997, not chump change today, and a sizeable  fortune then.  It would be the equivalent of inheriting thirty-one million today.  The average income for a worker in 1920 in America was $3,269.00 per annum.  Whether his wealth helped or hurt him in his goal of reaching the nomination will be addressed in another post.

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