Battle of the Atoms

No doubt it would have stunned Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938 if they had learned that their comic book creation, Superman, would still be going strong 82 years later, an iconic character instantly recognizable around the planet.  Throughout his fictional journey over the past eight decades Superman has had quite an impact on the real world, one of the odder impacts occurring during World War II.

In late 1944 DC was planning to run a story entitled “Battle of the Atoms” in which Lex Luthor used a device called an “atom bomb” against Superman.  No one at DC had any inkling that the US government through the Manhattan project was developing a real atom bomb.  Government agents visited DC and told them in no uncertain terms that the story could not be released until a security clearance was granted.  The puzzled powers that be at DC complied, and the story eventually appeared in Superman 38 in early 1946. (more…)

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