Requiescat In Pace: Robert Conrad


A sad week for the death of actors. Robert Conrad has died at age 84.  From 1965-1969 a young Don McClarey was always planted in front of the television whenever this show was on to view another thrilling, and amusing, episode of the adventures of Secret Service Agent James West (Robert Conrad).  Set during the Grant administration, The Wild Wild West depicted the exploits of Agent James West and Agent Artemus Gordon (the late Ross Martin) as they battled evil throughout the West.  The evil often took the form of science fiction, what would today be called steam punk, or the supernatural.  The archenemy of the agents was evil genius Doctor Miguelito Loveless, played with scene stealing panache by the late Michael Dunn.  The show was basically a skillful mixture of a traditional Western with the spy genre then popular, the show being described as James Bond on horseback.  Conrad had a very successful career as an actor, but he will ever be remembered for this role.



It was an early victim of political correctness being cancelled by CBS after the fourth season in 69 due to pressure from the idiots in Congress over violence on television.  I trust that there has been a great cast reunion in the world beyond.


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