Requiescat In Pace: Kirk Douglas




Actor Issur Danielovitch, better known as Kirk Douglas, has died at age 103.  One of a handful of major stars still remaining from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Douglas had an epic career.  After service in the US Navy during World War II as a communications officer aboard a sub chaser, Douglas embarked on an odyssey, yeah, I remember when he played Ulysses, as an actor in which he displayed notable range, starring in Westerns, historical epics, biographies, comedies, war flicks, etc.   You name it, and Douglas was willing to take up the challenge as an actor.  A political liberal, he never let politics interfere with friendships, being good friends for example with John Wayne.  A near death experience in 1991 caused him to embrace the Judaism in which he had been raised.  He was noted for his open handed generosity in regard to donations to charities.  A perfectionist in his craft, he was known for being difficult with directors and a compulsive scene stealer, but the results will ever speak for themselves in his films.

He rose from poverty to make himself world famous;   his was a classic American success story and he was an American original.  Fare thee Well Mr. Douglas in the world to come.

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