February 3, 1864: Battle of New Bern


New Bern


Throughout the Civil War numerous battles were fought in locations around the Confederate coast line that receive little treatment in most histories of the War, if they are mentioned at all.  One such engagement was fought from February 1-3, 1864.  The Union had held the North Carolina town of New Bern since 1862.  In 1864 Confederate Major General George Pickett, leading his division and a brigade, attempted to take the town from its Union garrison, a brigade sized force under Brigadier General Innis Palmer.  The Union garrison beat off three attacks before Pickett retreated on February 4.  A fairly unimportant event, except as a further demonstration of the inability of the Confederates to retake coastal areas from the Union, in the teeth of Union naval supremacy.  The Confederates would try again, and fail, to retake New Bern in May.  Here is an account of the battle which appeared in the New York Times: (more…)

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