The Sand Pebbles

Today we begin cruising to show the flag on Tungting Lake and the Hunan Rivers.

I want all honors rendered smartly.

At home in America, when today reaches them it will be Flag Day. For us who wear the uniform every day is Flag Day.

It is said there will be no more war. We must pretend to believe that. But when war comes, it is we who will take the first shock and buy time with our lives. It is we who keep the faith. We are not honored for it. We are called mercenaries on the outposts of empire. … We serve the flag. The trade we follow is the give and take of death. It is for that purpose the American people maintain us. Any one of us who believes he has a job like any other, for which he draws a money wage, is a thief of the food he eats and a trespasser in the bunk in which he lies down to sleep!

Speech of Lieutenant Collins, The Sand Pebbles



Something for the weekend.  Theme song by Jerry Goldsmith for The Sand Pebbles (1966).  The movie is hard to understand unless the novel on which it is based is read first.  The story of the sailors onboard the fictional USS San Pablo, an American gunboat patrolling the Yangtze River in 1926-1927, was written by Richard McKenna, who served on an American gunboat in China in the thirties and retired from the Navy in 1953 as a Chief Machinist’s Mate after 22 years of service.  McKenna wrote the novel in 1962 and died in 1964 of a heart attack at age 51.

My favorite scene from the film:



  1. McQueen’s best performance?

    • Certainly his most strenuous. He said that whatever sins he had committed he had made up for on the filming of the Sand Pebbles. If not his best performance it is near the top. My personal favorite is Papillon, but I have never seen a bad McQueen performance. A phenomenal actor who never got enough credit for his acting skills.

  2. ‘HARD to understand’ ? – – in 2020 ?

    This was Wise’s personal favorite and -clearly– his own
    moral alibi as RED CHINA set up and betrayal went fully
    operational in the US.

    USURY and RED CHINA set up – -and the demoralization
    and take down of –clueless– America is the theme.


    SPURN – – -ALL– – – – MIS–direction.

    RED CHINA set up and handover TREASON – —
    has been the ALL op for about a century now.

    USURY –abolished– our republic in 1933.

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