Trump’s Folly

(I originally posted this at The American Catholic and I thought the history mavens of Almost Chosen People might find it interesting.)

News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


NUUK, GREENLAND—There have been rumors that President Trump was considering buying Greenland, and Trump has now confirmed those rumors, revealing that he sees it as a great moneymaking opportunity if the U.S. purchases the world’s largest island, fixes it up, and then sells it at a much higher price.

“Look at it; it’s prime real estate,” Trump told the press. “It’s on the very desirable Upper West Side — you know, of the Prime Meridian — and if we just modernize it a bit, that’s going to be some valuable property. And I’m going to split the profits from selling it with the American people, 60/40.”

Trump says his first plan will be to get rid of the giant glacier in the middle of Greenland. “That used to be popular, but it’s out of style now,” he explained. He plans to replace it all with “ultra-fancy” hardwood floors. In addition, he plans to maybe put up some shiplap, add an island, and upgrade the bathrooms. He’s looking at opening it up into more of an “open concept” feel with some farmhouse sinks for a more rustic feel. The president has reportedly hired Chip and Joanna Gaines to help with the upgrades. They previously worked with him to put some shiplap up on the southern border wall.

Democrats, however, are opposed, as they are usually against all of Trump’s awesome schemes, like his tax cuts and his Robot Force — a fighting force made entirely of robots. “I don’t know if I trust the market to not collapse soon,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said. “Plus, with the sheer volume of hardwood floors he’s talking, we’d basically have to deforest all of Brazil.”


Go here to read the rest.  My late father did Arctic Survival Training in Greenland in the early fifties.  I have long thought we should acquire it due to its likely mineral wealth and its strategic location.  Denmark says no sale for now.  Of course it took from 1867-1917 for us to purchase the Danish West Indies and turn them into the US Virgin Islands.  The process was started by Secretary of State Seward at the same time he acquired Alaska, Seward’s Folly, for us.  Trump has started a process and we shall see how it plays out over time.

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