Some Other Dawn

Mary White

William Allen White was perhaps the most prominent newsman of his day.  From his perch as owner and publisher of the Emporia Gazette in Emporia, Kansas he became nationally known as the Sage of Emporia, his editorials and stories read around the country.  He wrote thousands of editorials and stories but I am sure the hardest piece he ever wrote was the obituary of his 16 year old daughter Mary on May 17, 1921, who died in a horseback riding accident.  Having experienced the loss of a child, I marvel at White’s ability immediately after such a boundless tragedy to put his thoughts to paper at all, let alone to pen this masterpiece.  The term celebration of life has become a trite phrase of our time but it is an apt description of what White accomplished in memory of his daughter in this essay.  His ending reminds us, in striking prose, that for Mary, as for all of us, death is not the end, but a new beginning: (more…)

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