A Chicken in Every Pot


Chicken has long been a favorite dish on the tables of Americans.  Republicans took advantage of this with their campaign slogan in 1928 of “A Chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage.”  The saying goes back at least to Henry IV, King of France in the early Seventeenth Century, who wished that his kingdom would be so prosperous that every peasant could have a chicken in his pot for Sunday dinner.


Democrat candidate for President AL Smith mocked the slogan:


‘Republican prosperity has reduced hours and increased earning capacity.’ And then it goes on to say, ‘Republican prosperity has put a chicken in every pot and a car in every backyard to boot’…Here’s another good one for you. ‘Republican efficiency has filled the working-mans dinner pail and his gasoline tank besides, and placed the whole nation in the Silk stocking class’…

Interesting how memory of the slogan entered the collective memory of the nation while most campaign slogans are utterly forgotten a few years after a campaign,

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