Latin Is Not Dead Yet

(I posted this at The American Catholic and I thought the Latin mavens of Almost Chosen People might find it interesting)

Latin is a language,
Dead as Dead Can Be,
First it Killed the Romans,
Now It’s Killing Me.

All are dead who spoke it.
All are dead who wrote it.
All are dead who learned it,
Lucky dead, they’ve earned it.

My bride and I teach CCD to fifth and sixth graders.  Last Wednesday was the last CCD class for the year and we gave a small impromptu lesson on Latin to the kids during the class.  They seemed to enjoy it.  Time to revive learning of the traditional language of the Church.  Of course most of the Founding Fathers studied Latin and Greek as students.  At that time it was understood that our culture was based on our inheritance from Greece and Rome, and that in any case the mental exercise and discipline was good for a developing mind.  I think there is much to say in favor of this view, at least for students who are college bound.  Education now specializes in the fleeting and the ephemeral.  Perhaps it is time to try something new which is also very old, and focus on the long lasting and permanent.

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