Victims of Communism Day

Today is the Victims of Communism Day  on which we remember the one hundred million and counting butchered by Communist regimes and movements.   Karl Marx was a lousy economist and a false prophet.  However, he did give an organizing principle for power hungry intellectuals and their acolytes to seize power and hold power.  His movement helped make the last century the bloodiest in the blood stained chronicles of Man.  One can only hope that we learned something from the hecatombs of humanity sacrificed for the utopia that produced only hell on Earth.  However, I know this.  The finger of God places in each human soul a hunger for freedom.  That hunger can’t be denied by lies, chains, imprisonment and even death.  Ultimately all tyrannies fall and that is why no tyrant can ever sleep easy while there are men and women willing to stand up and pay the price.




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