A Century of Vera Lynn



The singing voice of Great Britain during World War II, Dame Vera Lynn is one hundred years old.  The Sweetheart of the Forces, she was tireless in her performances for the troops during World War II, and the veterans of that conflict have always held her in high esteem.  Contrary to the usual dismal history of the entertainment industry, she enjoyed a life long love affair with her one and only husband until he died in 1998.  Throughout her long life she has  championed disabled servicemen and disabled kids.   She is a living refutation of the falsehood that the good die young.




  1. She is (was) also an excellent singer, who would have left her mark even without any war. There are a few things about WWII nostalgia that I consider dubious, but she is not one of them.

  2. True Fabio. Their were many notable female singers during World War II and most of them are remembered now only by historians.

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