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(I posted this at The American Catholic.  I thought that in view of current events, the contemporary events mavens of Almost Chosen People might find it interesting.)



We seem to be in danger of replaying the long, hot summers of the late 1960s and early 1970s when the radical left declared open warfare on cops.  The above billboard was put up by the Minneapolis police department in 1971 showing an officer giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a boy.  The poster went “viral” across the nation.

In the wake of the murder of five cops in Houston by sniper Micah Xavier Johnson, intent on killing as many white cops as he could, my memory was jogged about that billboard.  Cops are not above criticism, and over the years I have done a fair amount of that.  However, cops have a very tough job.  Most of them  do that job as best as they are capable, fairly and with a quiet heroism when they are called upon to go towards danger while the rest of us run from it as fast as we can.  Let’s let Jack Webb as Detective Joe Friday have the last word:


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  1. Interesting perspective from a 1970s cop…

  2. Big problem with American Police Force is that they do not seem to control themselves and panic for the least, showing also a very racist attitude and unpoliteness when they do their job.

    It would be better if they receive better profiling and better training to be prepared in all circumstances, not to loose control of themself.

    • The cops in Dallas reaction to being shot at by the sniper was to protect the protesters protesting them and to rush towards the sniper. Additionally, any urban police department in the US tends to be highly minority in makeup. Cops are far from perfect, as a criminal defense attorney in my day job I know that, but many of the criticisms directed against them are 180 from the reality.

      • But what about those cops who by a traffic or road control just shoot at the black person they want to question?

        Often we see them shooting at people who gave them over already long before they are shot death. Often the cops are also sitting with more than one on the arrested and shoot at him when that person is demanding for some air. We more than once see uncontrolled over reacting officers.

      • Cops can handle situations badly, but of all the situations that take black or white lives, cop shootings are pretty minor. Vastly more significant are black on black killings, usually crime related in poor urban centers where effective policing is usually absent. If the Black Lives Matter movement wanted to focus on the lack of effective policing in those areas that allow gangs to run rampant, I would have no quarrel with it.

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