Hooray for Bill McKinley!

Something for the weekend:  Hooray for Bill McKinley!  The above video is the first film ever taken of an American President.  It shows William McKinley conducting his Front Porch Campaign during the 1896 presidential campaign.  While his opponent, William Jennings Bryan, barnstormed the nation, giving speech after speech, McKinley conducted a quiet campaign from his house, while his campaign, utilizing cutting edge technology, film and phones,  and outspending the Democrats five to one, pioneered modern campaign tactics and capitalized on the bad economy under Democrat Grover Cleveland.  The turnout at the polls was immense, almost eighty percent, with McKinley winning 271 electoral votes to 176 votes for Bryan.  This election ushered in a period of Republican dominance that would last until the election of 1932.

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