Review of Hamilton

My friend, who blogs under the name of DarwinCatholic, has an interesting review of Hamilton, the life of Alexander Hamilton set to a hip hop musical:

Right Hand Man” and later “Stay Alive” and “Yorktown” do some really interesting things with conveying in an abstract way, through the dance and staging, a sense of battles taking place. This was actually a part where I was glad to be high up. The video clips that I’d seen — at one point there was a video of most of Yorktown up, but it’s been pulled — had slightly disappointed me in that it struck me that the dance being done to the music was abstract and had little to do with any kind of battle. However, when you’re up high rather than seeing a close up camera view, you realize that the chorus are arranged in formations. In the canons booms during “Right Hand Man” and “Yorktown”, the sound effect in the theater is so loud and deep you feel the theater shake, and you see some of the chorus suddenly drop to the ground while the lights flash. During “Stay Alive”, as they talk about being outnumbered and surrounded, Washington and Hamilton are being gradually surrounded by redcoats. This is not a realistic play in any sense, but through the medium of dance and abstract blocking, they do a lot, and you get a lot more of it in person than I had seen in video clips.

Daveed Diggs’s Lafayette is also an incredibly energetic character (outshone only by his Jefferson in Act 2). At the beginning of “Guns and Ships”, he bursts into motion with a high jump off a table.

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