Lincoln to City Point

Lincoln 1860 and 1865



Anyone looking at photographs of Lincoln in 1860 and 1865 can’t help but see how much the War aged him.  By March 1865 Grant thought that Lincoln could use some time away from Washington, and suggested to him that he visit Grant at his headquarters at City Point, Virginia on the James River.   Lincoln readily agreed and on March 23, 1865 left for City Point, along with his wife and Tad.  In his last month of life, he would spend eighteen days at City Point.

This worked out well since Lincoln was present as the War in Virginia came to a rapid conclusion, and was able to directly confer with Grant and Sherman about the ending of the War.  Lincoln had spent most of the War chained to his desk at the White House, buried under in never ending paperwork.  It is nice that he had this change prior to his departure from this Vale of Tears.  Lincoln spent a fair amount of time visiting wounded soldiers, Union and Confederate.  One observed noted, “he was just as kind, his handshakings just as hearty, his interest just as real for the welfare of the men (Confederate wounded) , as when he was among our own soldiers.” 

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  1. Of course he would treat them the same way. He had always insisted they were Americans.

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