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Something for the weekend.  Kids at the 2013 Illinois State Fair reciting the Gettysburg Address.  Seemed appropriate to recall Lincoln’s second greatest speech on the weekend following the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s greatest speech, which has never had the cachet with the American people that the Gettysburg address has had.  Endless recitals of the speech have been given.  Here is one by Johnny Cash who had a strong life long interest in the Civil War:

My favorite recitation of the Gettysburg address was given by Englishman Charles Laughton:


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  1. Gershwin intended to set it to music, but he died too early. That would have been interesting, especially when you realize that it would have come right as America was being dragged into the Second World War. Now, something not many know (or care about); I could have become a musician, probably a composer, if not for the disasters that broke my family in my teens. I have long thought about this idea of Gershwin’s, and I really think I could have composed something in the nature of a short four-movement choral symphony. I have the final movement (“And that the government of the people, from the people, by the people, shall not vanish from the Earth”) clear in mind as a fugue, tune and development and all.

  2. I had no idea about Gershwin and the Gettysburg address Fabio. Ah, Fabio the paths not taken in life have always fascinated me.

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