Battle of Manila


Seventy years ago the major urban battle was underway in Manila, which raged from February 3,1945-March 3, 1945.

Approximately a million Filipinos died during the military occupation of the Philippines by the Japanese.  The video above depicts the battle of Manila in which 100,000 Filipino civilians died.  During lulls in the fighting, Japanese troops would engage in orgies of rape and murder, with decapitation being a common method of killing.


Special targets were Red Cross workers, young women, children, nuns, priests, prisoners of war and hospital patients.  Go here to read accounts of the atrocities, but only if you have a very strong stomach.

MacArthur initially restricted the use of artillery and bombing in an attempt to spare the city he loved from destruction.  This merely lengthened the battle and Manila still ended up being destroyed.

Victory by the US and its allies brought this Asian Holocaust to a stop, something that too few people seem to recall today.

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