Carmina Burana Something for the weekend.  Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.  Carmina Burana , literally “Songs from Beuern” (“Beuern” is short for Benediktbeuern) is the name given to a manuscript of some 254 poems and texts found at the Bendictine monastery in Benediktbeuern, Bavaria in 1803.  The poems and texts were written by students and clergy in the eleventh-thirteenth century.  Often off-color, they were typical of the type of ephemeral pieces that scholars wrote to blow off steam and amuse themselves, usually destroyed and forgotten soon after written.    Carl Orff set twenty-four of the poems to music in 1935 and the immortal cantata Carmina Burana  came into the world.  Its dramatic music has been used endlessly in films, with most non Latin or German speakers not having a clue what it is about, and thus has imprinted itself in the minds of a wide audience.  My favorite rendition is below:

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