Civil War Facts Missed

An interesting video on the 93rd Illinois volunteer infantry.  Thousands of regiments were raised in the Civil War, and most of them are now veiled in obscurity, the men who served in them long dead and History having passed most of them by.  How much of the history of the War is lost due to this!  The regiment was the chief unit for almost all the men who served in the Civil War.  During their service the regiment was their little world and the events of the regiment often of much greater significance to them than the main events of the War that have come down to us.  Typical of an event that would be completely omitted in almost all Civil War histories is this resolution to mark the death in battle of Colonel Holden Putnam of the 93rd Illinois:


Camp. Ninety-Third Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry,Bridgeport, Ala., December 7th, A. D. 1863. At a meeting of the officers of the Ninety- Third Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, called to-day, to commemorate the death of their lamented colonel, Holden Putnam, who fell in the battle of November 25th, 1863, on Mission Ridge, a committee was appointed, consisting of Maj. J. M. Fisher, Capt. J. P. Reel, and Capt. Orrin Wilkinson, to draft appropriate resolutions, the following were reported and unanimously adopted:

Whereas, In the mysterious providence of an all-wise God, we are called upon the mourn the loss of our beloved commander, the late Col. Holden Putnam, who was killed in the battle of Chattanooga, Tenn., November 25th, 1863; therefore, Resolved, That the heart which ceased to beat when he fell upon the crest of Tunnel Hill, bearing down with him the emblem of our national life, yet speaks to us of the brave and efficient officer, the genial friend, and the earnest soldier. Resolved, That the regiment has lost a friend and valiant leader and faithful commander; the country a true and pure patriot, and an unselfish son; his fellow citizens an active and generous helper and a noble delegate in arms.

Resolved, That we tender our heartfelt sympathies to his bereaved family and friends, and pray that God may assuage the grief of the household.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to the family, and also sent for publication to each of the county papers of the counties represented in the regiment.

N. C. BUSWELL, Lieut. Col., Commanding Regiment,
Attest: C. A. Griswold, Surgeon, Secretary.


One can spend decades studying our Civil War, and then realize how much of the Civil War experience, what it was like for the men who fought it, that passes us completely by,


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