December 12, 1944

Dewey Defeats Truman



Go here to view the issue of the Chicago Tribune, or rather the Chicago Daily Tribune as it was known then, on December 12, 1944.  The date is not chosen because it was important but because it was not.  One can learn a lot by a time period by closely examining the newspapers of the day.  What stands out to me:

1.  First, the paper was a whole three cents.

2.  War news predominates, no surprise.

3.  A cartoon shows the Russian Bear facing off against the British lion with FDR ordering that soothing music to be played, and the caption “European Power Politics”.  The coming Cold War was emerging, with most Americans not realizing the role that the US would play.  A story notes the fighting between the Brits and Communist Greek guerillas, with another story urging US intervention by Greek-Americans.  Another story notes that the Russians have again ousted a four man US military mission in Bulgaria.

4.  The ads aren’t that different from ads in papers today.

5.  A story notes that Congressman Fish wants to have Governor Dewey removed as GOP party chief in the wake of Dewey’s November loss to FDR. Rather amazing that Dewey got a second shot to run for President in 1948.

6.  There is a story about 15 Black Seabees discharged over “racial issues”.

7.  The casualty lists make for grim reading.  One can imagine with what foreboding they were scanned by readers with loved ones fighting in the named combat zones.

8.  The sports news is easier to distinguish from the crime section than it often is today.

9.  The paper has a women’s section, as they do today, although it is not politically correct to call them women’s sections today.  I think “lifestyle” is often the euphemism for such sections today.

10.  The business section reads much as such sections do today.

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