Gone With the Wind and Proud Contemporary Ignorance

(I originally posted this at The American Catholic and I thought the film mavens of Almost Chosen People might find it of interest.)

Apparently some of the young, in addition to not reading, can’t even be bothered to watch a classic film, even when they purport to have an interest in films.  John Nolte at Breitbart gives us the grim details:



Monday we learned that a 25 year-old taking graduate-level journalism classes at New York University had no idea what an editorial was. Today we learn that “most” of the students taking a film class at Georgetown University have never seen “Gone with the Wind.”

[W]hen I asked 13 students in a Georgetown University film class if they’d seen it, most either hadn’t seen the film or had seen only parts of it. These students are serious about movies. But a lot of them sided with Mike Minahan, 20, who said when it comes to Gone with the Wind — frankly, he doesn’t give a damn.

“Everything I’ve seen about it says it, like, glorifies the slave era … and I dunno, what’s the point of that? I don’t see that as a good time in history … like, oh, sweet, a love story of people who own slaves.”

The students had two issues with Gone with the Wind: race and rape.

What a relief it is to know that the next generation of film reviewers, writers, and makers will be politically correct, uneducated, narrow-minded provincials completely out of touch with the real world. You know, just like the current crop of film reviewers, writers and makers.

A poll released Monday shows that 73% of Americans consider “Gone with the Wind” one of the best movies ever.

Not only are these close-minded students missing one of the grandest pieces of entertainment ever released in any medium, but a piece of cinema history that will live on long past any of us. In 1939, GWTW was an epic technical achievement. Seventy-five years later, in this age of CGI, producer David O. Selznick’s masterpiece is even more impressive.

Moreover, the idea that GWTW glorifies rape is laughable. Leftists are supposed to be Captains of Nuance and yet they seem incapable of understanding that this so-called rape is in reality the end result of a complicated dance of seduction between Rhett and Scarlett. As far as the film’s backwards portrayal of slaves and blacks, if you’re going to discount and dismiss any art based on current mores and values, you’re nothing more than a modern day Production Code.

Go here to read the rest.  All of us are children of our times, which shape how we view the world.  One of the major purposes of education used to be to expose students to the thoughts of those who lived in other times and places.  Only by being exposed to this knowledge could someone claim to be truly educated.  Today, education seems to consist largely in indoctrination in the liberal political pieties of the chattering classes of our society.  Anything outside of this narrow provincialism is jammed down the memory hole.  Thus we produce students who are ignorant and revel in that ignorance, their intellectual curiousity near nil.  They are to be pitied, but even more to be pitied is the society that expects anything of them except ignorance, groupthink and the rote repetition of the political slogans they learned in school.


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  1. Um, to be fair, I watched it once and did not like it – not because of rape or race, but because the story was so sprawling I found little to hold on.

    • That is a fair criticism of the film Fabio. The book was epic in scale and the film cut quite a bit out, but probably not enough.

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