Marching Through Georgia

Something for the weekend.  Although written to commemorate the march to the sea, only Marching Through Georgia seems appropriate for the weekend after the 150th anniversary of the fall of Atlanta, and Tennessee Ernie Ford gives us a spirited rendition.  Written by the composer Henry Clay Work in 1865, who did not participate in the march, or serve in the Union Army, the song is inextricably linked with Sherman and his troops.  Ironically, Sherman came to cordially detest the song, largely due to the fact that it was inevitably played whenever he made a public appearance.



  1. This tune found its way into the international Boy Scout songbooks, and I learned it as a boy with rather generic Italian lyrics about joy and cheerfulness. As you can imagine, I was rather surprised to learn where it came from. What the heck, with due respect for Sherman, it’s a nice tune.

    • I have always liked it Fabio also.

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