Loyalty Day

(Originally posted at The American Catholic on May 1, 2014, Loyalty Day.  I thought that the philosophical mavens of Almost Chosen People might find it interesting.)

Today is Loyalty Day in the US.  (Yeah, I wasn’t aware of it either.)  Washington taking the Oath of Office gives us a moment of reflection on the concept of loyalty.  George Washington was clearly loyal to the United States of America.  Prior to the Revolutionary War he had taken oaths of loyalty to the King.  Was he foresworn when he rose in rebellion?  No, because an oath can never take away from a man or woman their responsibility to defend what is at the core of every oath:  Truth.  It is impossible for us to remain true to an oath if remaining true to an oath forces us to betray God, country or some other value more precious than our lives.  Oaths are symbols of fidelity, but they cease to be binding when obedience involves betrayal.  It is a fine moral line, and it is quite subject to self-serving excuse making, but it is true nonetheless.

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