The Fighting Lady

A great wartime propaganda film from 1944, The Fighting Lady.  The film was made aboard the USS Yorktown, but for wartime security considerations it was designated The Fighting Lady in the film.  Hollywood star Robert Taylor, then serving in the Navy as a flight instructor, supplied the narration.  I do not mean to disparage the film when I call it propaganda:  it is also grittily realistic.  At the end the film pays tribute to the men who appeared in the film who have died in combat.

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  1. Edward J Steichen made this documentary.
    As a person very fond of Lincoln you know very well another great lover of that president: Carl Sandburg.
    And as you know Carl was brother in law to Edward.
    By the way.
    Edward was born in Luxemburg.
    Not far from me here in Waterloo…
    A small World.

    • Fascinating Ulf. I was unaware of the connection with Sandburg.

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