Medicine and Water

The US military produced hundreds of movies for training purposes and informational purposes.  The above video, produced in 1944 I think falls in the latter category.  Not detailed enough to give any real information to medics in training, it would be reassuring to troops destined for the Pacific.  The Army Medical Corps did a great job keeping troops alive during the War.  Sent to places around the globe that had endless medical problems far beyond normal battlefield casualties, US troops had a very low death rate from disease.  However the Army Medical Corps cannot take the entire credit.  One factor that greatly reduced illness, especially dysentery, that great killer of men throughout military history, was the emphasis that the Army put on producing potable water for the troops.  The film below on water treatment makes for somewhat dry viewing, but it gives a detailed overview of the steps taken to make sure that men did not sicken from the water that they drank: (more…)

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