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I often tell people that I am a fan of music of the 60’s, the 1860’s!  People who have a similar appreciation of the music of the Civil War, need to know about the internet radio station, War Between the States Radio.  Go here to access it.  Although WBTS Radio has been broadcasting since November 1, 2011, I only recently discovered it.  It makes excellent background music when reading about, or writing about, The Late Unpleasantness.  Convince your family and friends that yes, indeed, you are indeed a beyong the bend Civil War enthusiast!

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  1. What a great photo! And thank you for the heads-up on the Internet station! I will enjoy that from time to time. Recently the Huntington Library had an excellent Lincoln and the Civil War exhibit. One reason I lingered in the rooms long after I’d taken in the displays was that I was enjoying the period music. This is great!

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